New York

I went to New York City at the beginning of the month to see Waitress (starring Sara Bareilles!!!) with my mom. The show was freaking phenomenal. They bake pies in the lobby of the theater. Pies. That you can eat. It was just incredible – the cast was out-of-this-world. So here’s my plug for the show – go! Go see it!

I’ve been to New York before, but it was mostly a quick bus ride in – go to see a show – leave right after types of visits. But even with that, I haven’t been to the city in 8 years. So I really wanted to take it in when I was there – even though it was a day visit. I remember feeling overwhelmed the first few times I was there, enjoyed my time but was happy to leave the hustle and bustle.

This time was different. I felt vibrant, invigorated, electric. The city felt smaller, less hectic than I remember, yet so very much alive. And I didn’t want to leave. I could have stayed there all night, walking around, just feeling the vibrations and energy it was producing. I brought my camera, but honestly, didn’t use it a whole lot, I wanted to be in the moment.

In looking at these images now, a few weeks later, I felt that the images spoke the most in black and white. It somehow lowered the volume, but helped to retain the intensity of the city. Cleared the static, so I could see more clearly. I can’t wait to go back.





One Reply to “New York”

  1. OMG, I could not be more jealous that you got to see Waitress with Sara Bareilles in the cast!! I saw the show when it first launched in Cambridge a year and a half ago, and I laughed and cried my heart out the whole time. I’ve been absolutely dying to see it with Sara in it – actually, when I first heard of the show, I thought she WAS starring in it, hahah! Also, totally agree with you that NYC is made for black and white photography!

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