In the Frame

As a photographer, I always make sure I get pictures of my moms with their children. So frequently, as the moms, we’re behind the camera. So I always take time in my sessions to get 1:1 pictures of mom with all her kiddos and then all of them together in the frame. I want them to see the family they brought into the world. I want their kids to have those moments with their mom. I do a great job of this with my clients.

I’m pretty much always the one taking pictures of my family, but I realized as I looked back across all the pictures I took last year, that I was hardly in any pictures with my kids. And I thought to myself, how will they know I was there? What will they remember when they’re all grown up? So this year, as part of my 365 project, I have been intentional about getting in the frame with my boys. Me with each one of them, me with all of them, me alone. Because I am here. And when they look back on these photos, I want them to see me, see me with them, see our every day, see how much I love them, see them through my eyes.

So, today, we just played. And we were together. And it was perfect.



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