Finding my style

One of the hardest things, for me, in entering into this world of photography was trying to define who I was as a photographer. What was I going to focus on? What did I want my pictures to look like? I am an observer. I like to look at everything. I must have viewed a thousand different websites and pictures, trying to see what I liked, what I didn’t, what took my breath away. I didn’t want to copy anyone else’s work, but more so was trying to determineĀ  what kinds of skills and techniques I was going to need to learn so I could get my pictures to end up the way I had them pictured in my head.

One of the first photographers I fell in love with was Cori Derksen of Derksen Photography ( Cori’s work is AMAZING. Every time I look at one of her pictures, I am in awe. Clean, crisp, full of love and a showcase of her talent. I stumbled across her facebook page several years ago and, at the time, she was posting her own work, explaining what settings she used and offering up critiques of other’s work. It was through her kind words on several of my photos and reading through her amazing materials that I stopped shooting on auto and started teaching myself how to shoot on manual. Best decision I ever made. I still look to her as an inspiration and wish she wasn’t on the other side of the country – I would LOVE to have her take pictures of my family!!

At around the same time, I stumbled across My Four Hens Photography ( – Sarah Cornish being the amazing photographer at the helm. Sarah’s work is unique and emotive and captures all of those in-between moments that I absolutely love. Looking at her work makes me feel like I’ve been given an “inside” seat to a really loving, private event. She is a great resource for new photographers as well, always willing to explain how she got a shot or encourage others to explore and try new things. She helps to showcase other photographer’s, which I find to be amazing as well.

I’ve been inspired by some really amazing women and am forever thankful for their strong leadership and example. In this competitive world of photography, it’s not always easy to find professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and allow themselves to be a platform for other’s, but I know that I am extremely grateful that Cori and Sarah are!

So what is my style? It’s still evolving, but I feel like I’m getting closer to what I want it to be. I used to be very concerned about making sure my pictures looked exactly how I hoped my clients would want them to be. I knew what I would want my pictures to look like if someone else was taking them, but to try and bend your style to every different client is hard, if not impossible. This is not to say that I don’t want my clients to be thrilled with their pictures, I absolutely do. But, ultimately, I need to be true to my style and that will hopefully attract clients that are drawn to my images because it resonates with them and they want to be captured in a similar way. I have to be happy and strong and confidant in my work in order for others to feel the same about working with me.

I love capturing the little side expressions, letting kids be kids and watching them explore their world, focusing on their eyes, fingers, the little curls at the nape of their neck. I want to be the looking glass into the world of two lovers, an expectant mom and her unborn child, the awe and beauty of a newborn baby. I want the smile and the sadness, the truth, the beauty and to be a candid reflection of the amazing world around us.

And I feel that I am on my way.


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